Webinar by Ar. Rajesh Choudhary on ‘Highlights of UDCPR 2020’ 23rd December 2020

Ar. Rajesh Choudhary is from Ambience Group Promoters and Builders, Naiknavare Profile Developers Pvt. Ltd., also managing committee member of credai Pune.

Objective: To update the knowledge and get the doubts clear about UDCPER among the students from second year to final year B.Arch., the webinar was arranged in Architecture Department.

Process:  A webinar on ‘Highlights of UDCPR 2020’ was arranged on 23rd December 2020 for the students from second year to final year B.Arch. the new UDCPR contains total 14 chapters. All chapters are having some additions and changes in rules as per new conditions. These all new changes were discussed chapter wise by Ar. Rajesh Choudhary. He also cleared the doubts raised by the students and faculty members. Students and faculty members from BNCA Pune, D. Y. Patil Architecture College, Akurdi Pune , D. Y. Patil school of Architecture, Talsande attended the webinar.

Ar. Rajesh Choudhary with his screen

Achievement: All the students found this webinar very informative and useful. It was useful for the faculty members also. All the doubts were cleared in this webinar and other useful information was also shared by the speaker with the students.